BUTTERFLY EFFECT Advance Beauty & Permanent Makeup Academy specialize in permanent makeup courses and training in Dublin, Ireland.

Become a professional permanent makeup artist. Reach your goals and realize your true potential by becoming a TAFFY® or ODED® professional permanent makeup artist, nothing can compare to the satisfaction you’ll receive from helping your clients feel great and look naturally beautiful. When you experience the TAFFY® eyebrows and pen strokes by hand  or ODED® lips, eyeliner and eyebrows lines by machine permanent Makeup method close-up, you’ll become incredibly enthusiastic about the skills and techniques you can learn to provide a highly advanced level of treatment you and your clients will be extremely impressed with.


Taffy and Oded Permanent Makeup methods.

We teach Permanent Makeup methods that should be applied in harmony with the natural facial features, that’s why we carefully match the color, shade and intensity of the ink / pigment. Shortly after the procedure, the pigment in the skin is darker, and after a few days it pales by about 40-50%. We train you how to apply Permanent Makeup using our patented methods and equipment, ensuring that the treatment is comfortable and gives you and your clients maximum satisfaction with the greatest possible effects.

In our Training are we use a professional Permanent Makeup procedure performed with the use of SZWEDO GROUP PATENTED methods.

TAFFY – A feathering method for eyebrows and eyeliners applied using pen strokes by hand. Using the Taffy method allows you to obtain a natural image of the eyebrow hair, which gives the client the look of natural eyebrows. Using the permanent eyeliner from TAFFY creates subtle, well-defined eyes.

ODED – Is a pigmentation method used for lips, eyeliner lines by machine. It gradually increases the amount of introduced pigment, building up a subtle look, while reducing treatment time and any discomfort.