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I am proud that I can organize the semi-final of the world PMU championship, here in Ireland. First time in history Ireland will have national representation during the WULOP world PMU championship – Turkey. As a team leader, I promise to do anything to lead our team to a victory.

Aleksandra Pawlak

  • Championship is on 10th – 12th of September 2023

  • Non stop speakers shows is on 11th of September

  • Awards Gala Dinner and Stage Speaker Show is on 12th of September 2023



The semi-final and final stages consist of 5 different categories.
– Hair stroke technique with device
– Micro Blading hair stroke technique
– Lipstick effect with device
– Shadowed eyeliner with device
– Powdered eyebrow with device
Competitors will be able to apply for the competition by choosing one or more categories. After the semi-final competition in Ireland 1 winner will be announced for each category as a result of the scoring made by the independent jury members. Country teams consisting of category winners will compete for the championship title by representing their country in the grand finale in Antalya. The grand finale will take place in 6 different categories, with the team score category in addition to the 5 categories in the semi-final. 1 jury from each participating country will be in the final jury. The final jury will give scores to each country except their own team, and the world champions will be chosen fairly and collectively in 5 categories and the world champion team will be chosen according to the team score total. The finalists who are entitled to participate in the grand finale will be hosted in a 5-star hotel in Antalya, including ultra-all-inclusive accommodation and airport-hotel-airport transfers. The people to be selected for the live model application (minimum 3 and maximum 5 people) will be selected together with the team leader and the country representative. Models chosen for the live application will accommodate for 5 days and will be able to benefit from all the facilities in the hotel except for the congress. The costs of plane tickets, passports, visas etc. will not be covered by Wulop organization. The finalists will win the Silver A package. The finalists can switch to a Gold or Diamond package by paying the difference (please contact the Head Office to learn the price difference). World Championship final event also includes surprise events, stage shows, a magnificent gala, and an award night, which will last 7 nights, including a 2-3-night vacation. WULOP 2021 is preparing to mark a first in the world by combining business, art, entertainment, and vacation. If you want to take your place in this exciting feast and want to take the permanent makeup OSCAR to your country, take a part in the semi-final championship in Ireland.
Semi-final participants ticket price €390 +vat.
Place: Plaza Hotel, Tallaght Dublin 24
Date: 10th-12th of September 2023

-10-11th of September CHAMPIONSHIP
-11th of September NON STOP SPEAKERS SHOW
-Final in Antalya 6-13th of November 2023

Participants have 150minutes to perform the treatment (numbing is included) plus 15 min to prepare and to clean the work station.
Work station: bed, stool, trolley, and lamp. Models and other equipment must be assured by the participant.

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Participants dress code: WHITE
Models dress code: BLACK
The same model can be used for few categories.
Awards Gala 10th-12th of September 2023




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Prime Stage Speakers

Our speakers are carefully selected industry experts in their respected fields,  providing the participants with trend information from the world of permanent make-up.

Areas covered include:

  • Finger nail replacement tattoo
  • Freckles
  • Small Tattoo (Fine lines tattoo)
  • Scalp Pigmentation
  • Areola tattoo
  • Microblading
  • Lips (liner and blusher)
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
We would like to introduce our business section prime stage speaker @michalina_golunska from @ndsinstitute
Michalina will present very hot topic: SMART CUSTOMER SERVICE we can not wait to see her performance 👏
It is a pleasure to welcome @kamilakaca who will be explaining colorimetry secrets in PMU during WULOP 2023 on stage as one of our Stage Speakers, we are very excited to see her performance I hope you will too!
We would like to introduce our PRIME STAGR SPEAKER 🔊 @trangnguyenqueenbrows
International championship –  Mayan Gold  Mexico 🇲🇽 2021
✅ Jury of online International championship – Kingdom Crown  UK 🇬🇧  2021
✅ Jury of online International championship – Estonia 🇪🇪 2021
✅jury of live PMU championship France 🇫🇷2021
✅jury of online championship New York 2021 usa 🇺🇸
✅ ✅jury of online championship  California  2021 USA 🇺🇸 
✅  jury of online Miami mchampionship USA 🇺🇸 May /2022 
✅speaker und judge of PMU international championship and conference kingdom crown beauty   uk 🇬🇧 September /2022 
✅speaker und judge of PMU international championship and conference gold pmu Poland 🇵🇱 May /2022
✅speaker und judge of PMU international championship and conference PMU beauty congress in France 🇫🇷 October  /2022
✅organizer Asia  PMU FESTIVAL 2022 in December Vietnam 🇻🇳 
We are delighted to announce the fabulous Svetlana Volfram @svetlana_volfram as one of our Prime Stage Speakers this year, showcasing her Trichopigmentation technique. Travelling all the way from Kazakhstan to Dublin for WULOP 23, we are very excited to see her in action.
Svetlana Volfram – cosmetologist, permanent makeup master.
✅ International trainer.  Speaker.  Judge
✅ Member of the Kazakhstan Society of Mesotherapy
✅ Speaker of the international congress «Mesotherapy Experts» Estonia
✅ Speaker at Wulop 2021 and 2022 World Cup Semi-Finals
✅Speaker at Wulop 2022 Antalya World Cup Final
✅Speaker and Judge of PMU festival Bali
🥇🏆 1st place in the international championship among judges «LIP CONTOUR 💉»

Non Stop Speakers

Our speakers are carefully selected industry experts in their respected fields,  providing the participants with trend information from the world of permanent make-up.

Areas covered include:

  • Finger nail replacement tattoo
  • Freckles
  • Small Tattoo (Fine lines tattoo)
  • Scalp Pigmentation
  • Areola tattoo
  • Microblading
  • Lips (liner and blusher)
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
We would lile to introduce WULOP IRELAND 2023 Non stop speaker Veronika Zelenkova Veronika]
Veronika has earned her recognition by becoming a master assistant at Fleis Academy. She has been leading the masterclasses in the Czech and Slovak republic. Veronika won several international championships and is always getting her knowledge updated with international education PMU leaders.
Veronika will present JUICY LIPS Technique
This technique is all about working with very significant colors the right way in order to achieve smooth gentle healed results. 
It is our pleasure to introduce Shauna @tereza_vojtkova_permanent as one of our Non Stop Speakers for WULOP Ireland 2023.
Tereza Vojtkova
Tereza is well recognized in Czech for her axcellent eyebrow work especially on mature skin. She has been awarded the title of Gold Artist under the Fleis Academy, winner of several online championships.
Tereza will present
Mature skin can be fridgele and complicated. Powder style brows are a good choice for most of the skin types but making the suitable design and mapping on those clients can be challenging. Tereza will show you how to avoid mistakes and make your clients look beautiful.
We would like to introduce our non stop speaker Tereza Lebedova Permanentní make-up Kutná Hora]
Tereza is known for her very soft eyebrow style, the winner of several championships and holder of the Gold Silver title by Fleis Academy. Tereza is constantly working on herself and continues educating herself from the world PMU leaders. Her very soft shading became her signature.
Tereza will present
S.O.G. Brows is a fine powder eyebrow technique. With this technique, you can achieve very naturally healed eyebrows. No unwanted blue-grey colors, just stable healed results that last a long time. This method is suitable for all skin types.
It is a pleasure to welcome Julie Davis who will be showcasing her Saline Removal technique during WULOP 2023 as one of our Non Stop Speakers, we are very excited to see her perform and I hope you will too!
Julie Davis is a familiar name in the Beauty industry in Ireland, and over the past 20 years has established herself as an eminent trainer and educator within the industry, training and awarding many of today’s Beauty Therapists, Makeup Artists, Permanent Makeup Artists and Salon Managers to Internationally recognised standards. She is well known across the country for her high standard of quality assurance work in developing and supporting colleges and training centres, in the delivery and assessment of Internationally recognised qualifications. She continues as a business consultant and advisor for many salons and colleges nationwide.

It is our pleasure to introduce Inga Marcinkeviciene one of our Non Stop Speakers for WULOP Ireland 2023. Inga is the founder and Creative Director of Inga Permanent Make Up. Inga has devoted her life to her passion and believes continuous development is important for success. Inga will be showcasing her beautiful Ombre Brows technique.
FB – Inga Permanent Make UP
Insta- @inga_pmu
@wulopevents @wulop.ireland #pmuchampionshipireland2022 #pmuchampionship2022 #wulopireland #wulopevents #wulop #wulop2022 #wulop2022 #permanentmakeupchampionshipireland 

It is our pleasure to introduce Shauna McKeever Sloan as one of our Non Stop Speakers for WULOP Ireland 2023.
Shauna won 1st Place in WULOP Ireland 2022 for her Microblading technique. She will be displaying her skills. Shauna is the 1st PhiBrows Master in N.Ireland, she has devoted a lot of hard work to her passion and we can not wait for you to see Shauna in action.

It is a pleasure to welcome Bianca Festejo who will be showcasing her beautiful techniques during WULOP 2023 as a Non Stop Speaker. Hope you are excited to see her fabulous talent. Bianca finds honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success in running her company.

Facebook – Bianca Festejo Hair and Skin
IG – @nueconceal

@wulopevents @wulop.ireland #pmuchampionshipireland2022 #pmuchampionship2022 #wulopireland #wulopevents #wulop #wulop2022 #wulop2022 #permanentmakeupchampionshipireland

It is our pleasure to introduce Rasa Dubose from Beauty Ink by RD. The semi-permanent makeup studio is headed by Grand Master Rasa located in Belfast. She has over 10 years of experience in the semi permanent makeup world, and in those years Rasa won many awards. Rasa also trained over 100 students last year that successfully found their passion in semi-permanent makeup.

In the past few years Rasa has been focusing on creating her own semi permanent lip technique that’s called VOGUE LIPS.

To Rasa, one of the most rewarding things is watching her clients express delight with their treatment and seeing them embrace a new found confidence in the knowledge that their treatment is safe and very long lasting.
Her experience and passion provides every customer with exactly what they want to achieve, leaving them feeling positively related with their appearance.

Facebook- Beauty Ink by R.D
Insta- @beautyinkby_rd

@wulopevents @wulop.ireland #pmuchampionshipireland2022 #pmuchampionship2022 #wulopireland #wulopevents #wulop #wulop2022 #wulop2022

competition rules


1) The rules to be followed in the competition will continue o be valid in the final stage as well as semi-final stage. All participants must comply fully with the championship rules. Otherwise, sanctions determined by the country representative may be applied in the semi-final stages or the competitor may be disqualified. In the final stages, if the competitor does not comply with the rules, the discretion for sanction and disqualification belongs to the head office.
2) If the participant or model is late, does not participate or cancels on the application day, the competitor will be automatically disqualified. No refund will be made in cases of disqualification.
3) Participants must be ready at least one hour before the application time, together with the live application model in the area where semi-final will be held. The participants have to find the model they will do the application on themselves. The entire responsibility of the model belongs to the participant who will do the application.
4) During the application, the jury observes whether the rules are followed and reposts the rule violations.
5) All models must definitely be photographed before and after procedures.
6) The models must be without makeup before and during the application (only a modeling pen can be used).
7) The total time has given for modeling, anesthesia and procedure is two and half hours. An additional 15 minutes is given to prepare and clean out the work stations. The Jury Members will check the conditions such as the working environment of the participants, the readiness of the model and will give the approval to start the application.
8) Competitors and models should not leave the area from the beginning of the application period until the end of the competition. The jury has the right to punish or disqualify those who break the rules. They can only leave the hall with a supervisor to go to the toilet.
9) The models must not have make-up or previous permanent make up on their faces.
10) The models shall fill out a consent form, agree to follow the rules, and undertake responsibility for the procedure to be applied.
11) The models shall give written consent for their photographs and videos to be taken during the procedure.
12) Anyone over the age of 18 can be a model.
13) The models must wear a black t-shirt and a black pair of pants.
14) The competitors must wear a disposable (single use) long sleeve surgical gown or white overalls.
15) The models must wear shoe covers on their feet when they lie down on the stretcher for application.
16) The competitors must put their hair in a ponytail or bun.
17) All removable parts (needle, cartridge) must be in the sterile packages. 
18) Before wearing gloves, the competitors must put on caps and masks both on themselves and their models.
19) All accessories such as bracelets, watches, rings, etc. must be removed.
20) Hands must be washed before applying hand sanitizer (to be provided in the competition) and then gloves must be worn.
21) Skins o the models must be cleaned with an alcohol-based sanitizer before application.
22) The pencil to be used for modeling must be sharpened using a sterile sharpener and the skin must be sanitized.
23) All products to be used during the procedure must be wrapped in cling film (plastic wrap). The cable of the device must be covered with a protector. 
24) The participants must change gloves when they touch something. If the tools such as chairs and stretchers are touched during the application, the gloves should be removed before the chair or stretcher is moved and then new gloves should be put on and get disinfected. Gloves should be changed if something is taken while wearing gloves.
25) Phones must be disinfected, wrapped in cling film, and used only for taking photos. Talking on the phone while working is prohibited. During the application, phones must be switched to airplane mode.
26) The participant must comply with all mandatory hygiene rules. for this application. 
27) Work area organization:
– Work area must be cleaned out after the application.
– All disposable materials used must be thrown away.
– All hygiene rules must be followed completely.
28) The participants must observe the safety of the procedure they apply as they are responsible for the health of the model and the results of their work. All responsibility belongs to the person doing the application.



1) The organizer provides a workspace for each participant.
In each workspace, the following will be provided by the organizer:
-expert stool
-shelving unit
-electrical socket
2) All other materials and equipment must be brought by the participant. Things to be present during the application:
-disposable needles such as needles and cartridges
-Modeling pencil, brush, pencil sharpener
-Anesthetic ointment
-Surgical gown or beauty expert work clothes set
-Shoe covers on an extra pair of shoes
-Tweezers etc. (other materials required for the application)


1) The competition consists of two stages.
A) The semi-final stage.
B) The final stage.
2) The semi-final stage will be held in 5 different categories.
I- Hair stroke technique (MICROBLADING)
II-Hair stroke technique (DEVICE)
III- Eyebrow shading (DEVICE)
IV- Eyeliner shading (DEVICE)
V- Lipstick effect (DEVICE)
3) Permanent make-up experts of all levels can take part in the semi-final.
4)Persons participating in the semi-finals must be18 years of age at the time of application.
5) Competitors can participate in the semi-final stage in as many categories as they wish. If the competitor is the winner in more than one category in the semi-final stage, it will be possible to compete in only one category in the grand finale in Antalya. The right to choose the category in which they will participate in the grand finale belongs to the competitor.
6) Semi-final participation fee is €390+ Vat per category. Our permanent make up artists will pay €390+vat to the country representative for each category they want to participate in the semi-finals. 
7) Competitor applications can only be made on website. Those who get a degree in the semi-final stage without registering on the provided official address will not be able to benefit from any privileges offered to the winners and will not be able to participate in the final stage. These people will be removed from the ranking created as a result of the scores given in the semifinal, and the progress payments will be announced in accordance with the new ranking determined by shifting the participants from the lower rank to the higher rank. Persons who did not register at and participated in the semi-finals will not be able to claim any rights against the head office and country organizer.
8) The models used in the competition in the sem-final stage will be brought in by the contestant. Models to be brought must be 18 years old on the date of the competition.
9) In the semi-final and final stages, the equipment such as permanent make-up devices, cartridges, pigments, etc. to be used during the application will be brought by the competitors. Necessary equipment such as a lamp, stool, trolley, bed, etc. will be provided by the country representative in the semi-final stage and the head office in the final stage.
10) There will be only one winner in each category in the competition and the winners will come together from the country team too.
11) The first, second and third place winners will be announced as a result of the scoring to be made at the end of the semi-final stage. The awards to be given to the winners in the semi-final stage (for each category) are as follows:
a) The first place: The right to attend the grand finale with a Silver package
b) The second place: 50% discount on Gold or Diamond package
c) The third place: 30% discount on Gold or Diamond package
d) €100 discount will be given to all other semi-final competitors in the package of their choice
(Content and price information for the packages will be announced on wulopevent instagram page and website.)
e) The discounts earned by the right stated in the above article are personal and cannot be transferred to another person. More than one discount cannot be used together.
12) The winners will be determined as a result of the scoring to be made by the independent juries. The best of each category to be selected by independent juries will come together from the country team and will have the chance to participate in the grand finale to be held in Antalya. Our contestants who are entitled to participate in the grand finale and the models they have selected for the application will be guests at a 5-star hotel in Antalya for 5 nights free of charge, including ultra-all-inclusive accommodation and airport-hotel-airport transfers. (Models residing within the borders of Antalya province cannot benefit from hotel accommodation)
13) The teams will come to the WULOP 2022 grand finale, which will be held in Antalya on October 15, 2022, with at least 3 and at most 5 models. Models will be determined by the joint selection of the competitors and the country representative. Models will be hosted by WULOP in Antalya with the country team for 5 days in an ultra-all-inclusive concept. Participation of the models in the congress is subject to an extra fee.
14) Country teams that qualify to participate in the final stage will compete in WULOP 2021 in 6 different categories stated below and the first, second, and third place, one from each participating country, will be announced as a result of the scoring made by the jury members:
I- Hair Stroke technique (MICROBLADING)
II- Hair Stroke technique (DEVICE)
III- Powdered eyebrows (DEVICE)
IV- Shadowed eyeliner (DEVICE)
V- Lipstick effect (DEVICE)
VI- Team score
15) People ranking at the top will win surprise gifts and prizes. The teams that rank at the top in the team score category will also be awarded a cash prize.
16) One person from each country will serve as the jury in the grand finale. In order to have an honest scoring in the final stage, the jury members will not be able to vote for their country teams in any category.  In order to prevent hostility or advocacy, unfair scoring caused by close or distant country relations in the grand finale, while the scores given by the juries are collected, the highest and lowest points given to the competitor will be deducted from the total and a ranking will be created by taking the average of the remaining points.
17) Final jury members, each of whom are experts in their own field, will introduce the winners of the WULOP 2021 grand finale to the world through their social media posts. In this way, the winners reaching global recognition will have the right to use their globally valid titles as a logo.
18) The WULOP 2021 grand final will be an event that will continue for 5 days. The competition will be held in only one day of this event, congress and masterclasses events to follow in the remaining days will allow the contestants to improve themselves and WULOP 2021 will be an event to remember with the gala night to be held. In addition, this event will give people the opportunity to take a vacation in an ultra-all-inclusive concept in Antalya, which is known as a holiday paradise.
19) All expenses such as plane tickets, passport, visa, etc. for the category winners announced as a result of the semi-final and models to travel with the country teams are to be covered by the travelers. In addition, if the participant or models are only allowed to travel under conditions such as testing, vaccination by the country of departure or destination, all expenses and responsibilities belong to the traveler. If for any reason, the competitor’s or model’s travel is restricted by the country of departure or destination, they will lose the right to participate in the grand finale.
20) In the semi-final and final stages, if the competitors do not comply with the competition rules, score deduction and disqualification penalties may be applied by the jury members. No refund will be made if the competitor is disqualified.
21) In the semi-final and final stages, the competitor must comply with the competition hours determined by the country representative and head office. Any competitor who does not obey the competition hours for any reason will be disqualified and cannot participate in the competition regardless of the stage. In case of failure to comply with this obligation, all responsibility belongs to the competitor.

Ticket information:

Please note that tickets are refundable only when event is cancelled.

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